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Three colourful and fun paintings from just four paints... you'll be learning about colour as you paint PLUS you'll have three happy paintings to show for it!

I'll show you how to paint all three of these fun paintings, step by step.

We'll use just Phthalo Blue, Magenta, Yellow and Titanium White (all of these are in the Golden Fluids Intro Set).

If you don't have the Golden brand, you can substitute with Atelier Free Flow
or just give it a try with what you've got!

Anna's teaching is relaxed, friendly and fun... directions are easy to follow and you'll finish with a great result!

About Anna Bartlett, Artist and Colour Nut

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I am a contemporary artist who lives in a very long house on top of foggy Mt Kynoch in Toowoomba, Australia.

My studio is the home of Shiny Happy Art, where my superpower is making things simple, and introducing budding artists to a wonderful philosophy of fun, colour and creativity.

Happy colours are my thing. I am inspired by Matisse and Ken Done, and my original paintings are colourful and illustrative.

I've been teaching beginners for over five years and I'll love it if you end up finding yourself wanting to pop your paints and sketchbook in your bag every day... well, that's my hope!

Owl, Cat & Cow Paint Along -
Promo Price $35

It's Anna's Shiny Happy Art studio in virtual form - and it's only $35* for all three of these designs (until 30 June 2017). Woohoo!


3 complete paintings using only 4 paints

  • step by step videos of each painting, explaining everything... brushes, colour mixing, composition... it's easy to understand and you can't help but 'learn while doing'
  • PLUS a bonus video about the "Cool Colour Wheel', giving you the confidence to mix a rainbow of colours
  • printable line drawings for all three subjects and large images of finished paintings
  • special introductory price expires April 16 

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